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Leverage your network to drive attendance

Promote your webinar to your network's contacts and give them credit where it's due. The affiliate tracking system will attribute a new attendee to their source , so you can send them thanks (or money).

Create affiliate accounts to track the source of the registrant

Create powerful partnerships with your biggest promoters and measure their success. Make sure they get paid for the value they bring to your event.

JetWebinar lets you leverage the power of affiliate marketing to drive new registrations. You have access to a full affiliate dashboard which will let you create individual promoter accounts that tracks all of the registrations that come from one promoter. You can use this lead source attribution to inform your affiliate marketing program and payouts.

Generate unique webinar URLs for each affiliate

Drive even greater attendance to your events by giving each affiliate special promotion links that can be used to track the source of the registrant.

Easily create custom webinar tracking URL's for affiliates that let them know who signed up for which webinar. You can add in up to three custom fields to track identifying information that may be useful for your campaigns. JetWebinar can automatically generate these URLs when you create an affiliate account and send them an email letting them know which URLs they need to use.

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Everything you need to deliver powerful webinars

The features that enable you to create impactful webinar experiences for your attendees.

Live BroadcastingHost live webinars with less than a second (300ms) video latency.

Automated WebinarsHost your webinars automatically without you needing to be present.

Interactive Live ChatReceive and respond to incoming attendee messages live using chat messaging.

Custom TemplatesCreate beautiful experiences with professionally designed templates.

Landing Page BuilderCustomize every aspect of the webinar experience with a drag & drop page builder.

Personalized EmailsAutomatically remind people to attend your events and follow up with them after.

Affiliate TrackingPromote your events to your network's audience with an affiliate management system.

Sales ToolsCreate your webinar using tools that help you promote your products and services.