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Want to host a huge pre-recorded event? JetCast is built to host simulated live events that are 100,000 attendees and beyond.

jetcast - simulated live webinars

JetWebinar's JetCast experience allows users to create powerful, on-demand webinar experiences with the interactivity of a live webinar. JetWebinar's JetCast is designed to give your audience an experience that matches a live event.

How can a simulated live webinar benefit my business?

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Turn your recorded videos & live events into JetCasts

JetCast solution allows both on-demand & simulated live viewing options. The JetCast can either provide a simple pause and play on-demand experience, or it can re-create the interactivity of a live event. JetCast gives you the option to do both in front of anyone, with any device, and in any timezone.

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Expand your reach for both customers and employees

When you host events with the JetCast solution, you’re in control of your audience’s experience. For the first time, you can determine how your audience sees the event, from their first minute of the event to the end.

What if an attendee shows up late? You now can decide how much of the event he or she can or can not see.

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Fully customize each page in the webinar process

By using the ultimate JetCast solution, you can now customize every page of the campaign. Insert your branding, images, and content. Easily do this on the registration page, waiting room, thank you page, & even the webinar room.

Hosting sponsored events? JetWebinar is your go-to solution.

What if you already have pages designed and ready to go? Easily switch them out!


What features do I get with JetCast simulated live webinars?

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Marketing/CRM integrations

Easily integrates with all your favorite tools. Infusionsoft, HubSpot, WordPress, Salesforce, ActiveCampaign, Eventbrite, Mailchimp, & Zapier are among the few of the systems we work with.

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Paid Events

Get instantly paid on your JetCast events. Use your payment processor i.e. PayPal or Stripe to sell access to your JetCast events & protect yourself from people “sharing the password.”

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Live Chat During Events

Even if your events are pre-recorded, you can chat instantly with your audience through a text message thread on the JetWebinar messenger system or even respond to them via email.

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Complete Analytics

Track data directly through JetWebinar to get insights on who attended the event, for how long, who clicked on the call to action button, and how many left the event early.

How do I get started with JetCast?

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Step 1: Add Webinar

Login to your dashboard and go to
Webinars. Then click: Add Webinar

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Step 2: Choose a Template

On the panel Select e Template, choose a starting template that best fits your event. You can later customize the template to match your brand.

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Step 3: Choose Event Type > Simulated Live

On the Webinar Settings panel, add the standard required information and then choose Simulated Live in the Event type sections from the drop-down menu.

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Step 4: Choose Timing Settings

On the Simulated Timing panel, choose your desired Run time. You can change back this setting at any time.

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Step 5: Choose Webinar Time

Select the preferred Webinar Time,
according to the selection made on step 4.


You are now ready to host your JetCast events!
Remember, you can always go back at any time and change any of the preferences.


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