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A Mastermind Class Designed To Help You Launch Your Online Events/Webinars And Consistently Attract More Customers And Sales Using Business Hangouts

What is this mastermind all about?

Generate more high converting leads to customers and clients all through live & automated webinars.

This mastermind is a virtual group coaching program hosted by the founders of Business Hangouts, who have helped their clients generate $5M+ in revenue and built over 1M person email lists.

This mastermind is built for entrepreneurs who are using Business Hangouts to grow their audience and generate sales through live and automated online events.

What can we do for you?

Traffic Strategies

Unlock the most powerful ways to get more traffic to your events from the team that has added 1M+ sign-ups to events by leveraging the power of online ads, emails, SMS, free and paid strategies to grow your email list.

Content crafting the right messaging and presentation

Save yourself the time, money, and headache of trying to figure out how to craft a presentation that is built for conversions. See the presentations that we have set up for our clients that have generated over $1M in sales, and get the presentation templates we use for our done for you clients.

Sales/conversion strategy 

One of the most important parts of the entire webinar process, getting your audience excited to buy from you after you make an offer for them to purchase or schedule a call.

We’ll share the formula before during and after the event is over to increase your sales and the number of booked calls.


After you have mastered the 3 pillars of hosting massively successful webinars and online events you are going to see how to turn your online events into automated marketing and sales machine.

What’s included in this program – everything you need to host massively successful events

Traffic – Get more exposure to your event 

Get access to free and paid strategies that have allowed our clients who are solopreneurs, course creators, Freelancers, and SaaS companies to grow their email list anywhere from 1,000-1M people by leveraging list growth strategies, ie emails, social media, and unshared growth hacks to specifically target your competitors’ customers with both free and paid strategies.

Registrants – Get more people to sign up for your event 

Get insights on the best way to entice all your audience to not only register but look forward to staying until the end of the event. During this section, we will show you the best ways to grow your own audience and get more people to sign up as well as leverage the power of other people’s audiences who already have the attention of the people you want to be in front of. 

Attendees – Get more people to attend your event 

Getting people to sign up is half the battle but the most important part is how many of those people actually show up. You will get the secrets of what we do to get 300-500 people to attend a single live event with only 4 days of promotion.

Presentation – Improve your presentation so people are excited to stay until the end

Without a successful presentation, the rest of the hard work leading up to the event doesn’t really matter. To date, the presentations we have worked on have generated over $1M+ in sales. You will see the presentations that are currently selling $10K-$25K in products and services per live & automated event, along with getting access to our high converting pre-built webinar presentation swipe copy.

Sales – Get more people excited to purchase or schedule a call with you after the event is over

Getting people excited to buy from you is the key component to determining if your event is successful. Crafting the right message, the right offer, and increasing the number of sales during and after the event gives businesses the momentum to host more events, and eventually automate them. This mastermind will help you get your initial sales and help you increase your conversion rate by 20%+ for those who are already gaining customers from webinars. 

Offer – Crafting low and high ticket offers to your audience to bundle the perfect package, to scale your sales with the perfect offer for the perfect audience 

Crafting and delivering the right offer is the cornerstone of a successful webinar. During this mastermind, we will show you offers that are already converting, sales pages for those offers, and help you craft a high converting offer that suits to the pain points of your perfect customer. For those of you who already have a converting offer, we will help you increase your conversion rates so you can get more sales with the same effort.

Automation – How to automate the lead and sales generation to buy your time back and scale to the moon

If you’re tired of hosting the same live presentation over and over again or want to take an already successful live presentation used for lead or sales generation we will share insights of what differentiates any old video recording from hosting always on interactive automated events to buy your time back and help you scale your marketing, sales, or training efforts. 

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The 5 reasons to become a member of the traffic, conversion, and scale mastermind

  1. Clarity
    Clarity is the #1 reason why most businesses don’t make it past the 2-year mark. In this mastermind, our goal for you is to take the proven methods we’ve mastered over the last 6 years, by the end of this mastermind you will have a crystal clear path and focus on where your time and attention should be dedicated to taking your business to new heights.
  2. Increase Exposure
    More exposure = more revenue. Throughout this mastermind, we are going to uncover the different strategies we have used to get in front of thousands of the RIGHT people that have converting into millions in revenue. You will see what we have done to get in front of the right people using both free and paid strategies that have landed clients as large as Amazon & Toshiba.  
  3. Convert More Customers And Clients
    After being part of thousands of webinars throughout the years, it is clear what differentiates successful entrepreneurs from everyone else when it comes to hosting webinars. This mastermind will show you how to sell more products and services before, during, and after every event.
  4. Buy Your Time Back
    The most important asset for any business owner is one thing and one thing only, your time. This mastermind is going to reveal the 3 key components to buying back your time when it comes to lead generation, sales generation, and client fulfillment.
  5. Cut Your Learning Curve From 6 Years To 8 Weeks
    Over the last 6 years of being in business, we have scaled multiple services, courses, SaaS, and products businesses anywhere from 6-7 figures in revenue. Throughout this time we have documented everything that has and hasn’t worked and you are going to get access to all of that information over the next 8 weeks with us.

Why Us?

If you ask a successful entrepreneur or business owner “what differentiates the successful from the unsuccessful”, you’ll notice the smart ones will say “work with someone who has already accomplished what you are setting out to do”. By joining this mastermind you will clearly see that’s our exact intention, so you can take the best information and strategies we have gathered over the years so you can apply them to your business without spending time and money on the things that don’t work. 

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Where is the mastermind hosted?

This mastermind is going to be hosted in a private facebook group and there will also be live events hosted in the Business Hangouts platform. 

How often are these trainings hosted?

These trainings are hosted 1 time per week and we will also hold 1 live q&a session each week to answer any questions you have when applying the content and strategies we covered on the previous training to help you implement what we are showing you ASAP. 

What types of business can apply?

This mastermind is industry agnostic, the industries we have specifically worked with and generated 6-7 figures in revenue with are professional services, B2B, digital courses/product, freelancers, and software businesses. 

What forms of communication are included in the mastermind?

Every member will get an invite to a private facebook group to post comments and questions, each member will also receive an invite to a private slack or discord channel.

Are all the trainings live?
Yes all the trainings will be live, each live session will have it’s own thread, for those of you who miss a live training you will be able to watch the recorded videos and post any questions or comments in the thread for us to respond at a later time. 

Do we get access to all the live recordings?

Yes as one of the first 20 members of the mastermind you will get access to all of the live recordings so you will be able to go back and watch any of the training videos even after the 8 week mastermind program has ended. 

How much time should I be expected to dedicate to this mastermind?
Each week we will host one live training and one live ask me anything session around the content that was covered in the live training. Each training session will be one hour. 

Can we network with other members of the mastermind?

Absolutely! Our goal is to help each member be as successful as possible and build a strong community to help collaborate and help one another. 

If I have specific questions about my webinars, marketing, or offers, where can I get help?

If you have questions about your specific webinars, presentations, marketing, campaigns, etc you will have the option to submit a form that includes the links, content, etc that you want us to review and we will provide you with a recorded video addressing any questions you might have. 

What is the refund policy for this mastermind?

Once you have decided to enroll into the program and you have been accepted into the program, no refunds will be issued under any circumstances. We understand that that rate and extraordinary circumstances do happen so we will review on a case by case programs.

Does this mastermind include personalized feedback on what I am doing?

If you have questions about your specific webinars, presentations, marketing, campaigns, etc you will have the option to submit a form that includes the links, content, etc that you want us to review and we will provide you with a recorded video addressing any questions you might have.

Do I need to attend every session?

Absolutely, each session builds on each other, if you miss a live session and don’t watch a recorded session it will be difficult to catch up with the rest of the members. 

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