JetWebinar is a powerful and versatile webinar platform designed to help businesses of all sizes and industries create engaging and effective webinars.

Helping Healthcare and Government organizations achieve success through video conferencing solutions

Collaboration, compliance and training are just a few of the reasons why Government and Healthcare organizations choose Business Hangouts as their solution.

As citizens increasingly spend time online, government and healthcare organizations are turning to JetWebinar for a comprehensive solution that promotes collaboration, efficiency, and compliance. With the use of telehealth and government teleservices increasing since the onset of COVID-19, people are more open than ever to online delivery of content and services.

JetWebinar’s live and automated webinars provide a virtual classroom or on-demand format for training, education, and learning, with important metrics to ensure attendance compliance. Our platform’s meeting rooms offer a no-download, any-device solution for meetings and collaboration with colleagues and citizens/patients. Webinars can also be used to deliver important information to citizens, such as announcements, demonstrations, and council meetings.

With JetWebinar’s automated email tools and metrics, you can schedule reminders and follow-up emails to free up time for other tasks. Our platform also provides secure, reliable service delivery, ensuring that you can trust JetWebinar with your important content and services.

Talk to us today to find out how JetWebinar can benefit your organization and provide the collaboration, compliance, and training solutions you need to succeed in the government and healthcare sectors.

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